Supervisors - Certification Verification

Please see below


Email all verification of certifications to

We will respond to you as soon as possible. We are busy assisting members with their renewals.


A Message to The Supervisor

If you are requesting verification of certification, then please submit  written permission from the member along with their membership number and fax it to  828-327-2969 or email us at  You may also call our office for verification with written permission from the member.

Our staff will process as quickly as possible.  Thank you


The data you will be receiving comes directly from the same data our staff have access to


Here are three possible responses you may have returned for each record.

  • "Invalid number not found" : This could mean several things. The number you have could be incorrect, the number could have been entering incorrectly, or the member is not current in our system.

  • "Expired" is the response you will receive if a member was once valid, but are no longer current. Any number reported "Expired" can be re-instated and to do that the member must contact ASPT and request a "Re-instate" letter. Expired does mean that the certification is not valid and the member needs to take steps to correct that condition.

  • "Valid" responses will be valid from the day you ask until the next renewal date.

Numbers which are found to be in the database will be reported with the first and last name of the person to whom the number was issued. Any other use of that number by any other person is not valid.

It is important to point out that this list is updated continuously as renewals are entered. A query into the data base in the morning may yield a different response at the end of the day. We enter renewals throughout the day during the renewal season and that makes the list different every time we add a renewal.