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Frequently Asked Questions


How do I re-certify each year?
— Download your CEU QUIZ with your proof of purchase each year from this website and your renewal form or attend a conference

What can the organization do for me?
— We offer discounts to our members at A.S.P.T. sponsored, continuing education, and cross training workshops. We are involved in creating programs to enhance job security and satisfaction for our members, as well as involvement in non-profit events.

Can I become a member even if I belong to another organization?
— Yes, A.S.P.T. welcomes all allied health providers as members from other organizations.

What will my membership money be used for?
— All membership funds will be utilized for administrative and operational cost of the Regional Districts and Headquarter Offices. A.S.P.T. will also work toward the following: To improve job descriptions by making recommendations to laboratory management. To encourage upward mobility. To increase rapport in and among our fellow workers in the field. To encourage formal and cross training education for all phlebotomists.

When will I be notified of examination results?
— Within 6 to 8 weeks of the examination date.

Can I be a member and not be certified?
— Yes, you may be a member and not be certified with us.

Do you offer career pins with ASPT logo?
— Yes, we offer pins with our logo.