CEU Test/Renew Form/CEU Day Form / New CEU test for 2019 Renewals will be available soon!!!

If you were unable to renew by May 31st, you are unable to do so at this time. You will need to call our office after the first week of September to obtain your reinstatement fees and instruction on how to be reinstated.


The Process - Scroll to the bottom of page for the CEU icon and choose a CEU that equals 6 CEUs.  If you have any questions, please either email or contact us at 828-327-3000 OR 843-970-8150.

RENEW BETWEEN SEPTEMBER 1 AND NOVEMBER 30TH OF EACH YEAR.  Every year, you must renew your certification.  It is your responsibility to maintain your certification. If you do not receive a renewal letter, you are still responsible for renewing your certification on time.  Renewal letters are available online under continuing education. You must complete 6 CEU's every year to maintain your certification.

Outside CEU's will be accepted from Hospitals In-service or Pace approved ONLY for a fee of $40.00 plus your reinstatement fee at this time. CEU’s may be obtained on this website or by attending a scheduled conference .


Renewal form is located on this page for your convenience.


Mail all Renewals and CEU's to our office at


PO Box 1831

 Hickory, NC  28603



Obtain CEU Credits

Continuing education is of the utmost importance to the health care provider and the supervisor. A.S.P.T. feels that no organization should offer certifications without offering education, and it is for this reason that we also offer to develop phlebotomy continuing education and other lab tech education in conjunction with institutions. The major difference is that we ask for the institution's support in program development.

The American Society of Phlebotomy Technicians, Inc. (A.S.P.T.) strives to provide an atmosphere of professionalism and confidence, as well as a sense of belonging and fellowship. The role of the health care provider is changing dramatically. ASPT is constantly developing new programs to meet these needs by offering our members the opportunity to cross train in all areas in which they are now involved. These Include Phlebotomist, EKG Technician, Patient Care Technician, and Medical Assistant. After completion of each program, a Certification Examination is offered. 

ASPT will also customize any program to meet the needs of individual facilities in cross training their health care providers. ASPT offers help in arranging CEU Days so our members can obtain their required 6 CEU's, or 6 Contact Hours, annually.


Obtaining CEUs & Renewing Certification Each Year

Our renewal period is between September 1 and November 30 each year. Download the Renewal Form from this page (scroll down right side). 

You may also obtain your CEU'S by downloading  one or more of the approved CEU test below or attending an approved conference or a sponsored CEU Day.  Continuing Education Units  (6) (CEUs) are a yearly requirement. Your certification is not valid unless you renew each year.

There are 2 different ways you can obtain your 6 CEUs.   All CEU test must be submitted with renewal fee of $30.00 between September 1 – November 30.  After November 30th late fees will apply.  If you do not renew by December 30th, you will need to be reinstated.  Call 828-327-3000.


P O Box 1831

Hickory, NC  28603

We will no longer be able to accept outside source CEU's unless they are valid through your employer such as hospitals or an approved CEU Day, or attending a conference that is PACE approved by ASPT



Please note:  You must keep your record of your CEU test and submit during renewal season (September 1 thru November 30th) along with your renewal fees together at the same time.





Fees May Vary

Don't forget to Download your 6 CEU's  for next year's renewal for 2018

Please call our office at 828-327-3000 or email us if you need your reinstatement fee

Please mail all reinstatement fees to:
P O Box 1831
Hickory, NC  28603

You may attend an ASPT CEU event under Upcoming Events on the start up page or you may download and complete an ASPT CEU test below. CEU tests and manuals should be ordered by August.  Please scroll to bottom of page for all CEU exams.

If you wish to hold your own CEU Event, simply download the application below and mail it to

1810 Old Trolley Road, Suite A
Summerville, SC  29485


Please download your CEU test (this is for education only) NOW. Print off and send in with your renewal form located on the right side of this page above icons. 

This is not a national registry exam, this is only for learning purposes.

Mail all Renewals and CEU tests to


P O Box 1831

Hickory, NC  28603

  • Caution you only have 24 hours in which to download this test once payment has been submitted.

  • Please circle your answers to submit each test below - there is no answer sheet online

Phlebotomy, PCT, and Medical Assistant please choose from the Phlebotomy Test Bank

Medical Assistant may also choose from the EKG Test Bank

Please note these are not National Registry Exams, they are continuing education and a grade will not be issued.  This is for learning purposes only.

These are the CEU Test you have to choose from:

Click on the ICON, each CEU Test may have a different value.  Each CEU test states how many CEU's are valued for each test.  Example #1 = 6 CEU's, #4 =2 CEu's, so you would either take (1) 6 CEU test or (3) 2 CEU test.

You must turn in a total of 6 CEU's each year.

Download and pay for them below, then send the printed version in with renewal form.  Circle answers only. These are all new test and for learning purposes only.

For each additional certification that you hold example: Phlebotomy & EKG

You must submit an additional $20.00 for your extra seal.


You do not receive a pass/fail grade for these test.  They are for educational purposes only.

New Test for 2018 will be online soon!!


Drug Collection CEU # 1

Drug Collection CEU # 1

Drug Collection CEU #2

Drug Collection CEU #2