A Message to Members

The intent of this page is to allow members to access the information they need in order for ASPT to support the members’ efforts to plan their professional futures. Whether you want to become certified or get the schedule for upcoming CEU conferences.

When you click on the link below you will be directed to a gateway page in which you will be required to enter your "membership/certification" number.

The following is what you should expect:

  • When you click on the link below a "Member Status Inquiry Page" will display.
  • Enter and submit your membership number.
  • You will only be allowed to go further if you are current and in good standing.

  • OPTION 1

Go to "How Can We Help You?" which allows you to do the following:

1.  Download a CEU Test and Order Form (a PDF file)

2.  Check which CEU tests you have previously completed so you can order correctly

  • You may order any of the CEU tests and answer sheets listed
  • The CEU questions may be downloaded in a PDF format
  • The CEU answer sheet may be downloaded in a PDF format
  • ASPT will not accept copies of the answer sheet
  • Save a copy in case yours gets lost in the mail
  • ASPT will process CEU answer sheets starting September 1st.
  • All answer sheets will be rejected, without notice, if not accompanied by the proper fees.

3.  Check on available Continuing Education Conferences which may be in your area.

4.   Check on available certifications in your area in the event you need to take an exam

This calendar does not take the place of any directions we send to you in your July newsletter


Go to "Year at a Glance". This is an overall view of how your renewal year should be going

As you maneuver through the various screens and you see the word "Select" highlighted in a "blue" link you will find that, that will reveal links to named downloadable files. You will find this condition in the "List of CEUs You Can Use," "CEU Conferences," "Examination Schedule." The "Download Answer Sheet," which is in red, will provide you with an answer sheet for the blue titled CEU module.